Wholesale PVC Pipe for Farm and Irrigation

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RJB Wholesale Inc, established in 1972, is the Western United States' leading supplier of PVC pipe to the wholesale distributor market.

Are you ready to buy or need assistance selecting the correct products? If so, speak with one of our experienced product specialists by calling 800.875.0431.

Today, RJB Wholesale offers one of the largest selection of products in the industry, with sizes from ½ inch to 60 inches. We have the highest quality stock and supply on the market today. With more than 24 plants across the nation and over 45 years in the business, our knowledgable staff can help you with any of your needs. RJB Wholesale has grown to serve more customers with a larger volume of pipe and piping products. Over the years, we have not relaxed our views on the importance of a dedicated staff, exceptional service and unparalleled quality.

Over 24 Manufacturing Facilities

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Why Buy from RJB Wholesale?

  • Nationwide
  • Best Selection and Most Complete Product Line
  • Shortest Lead Time


RJB has grown over the years and has saved Hundreds of customers money. Here are a few of the industries we have helped.

  • Wholesale PVC pipe for Dairy Farms
  • Wholesale PVC pipe for Agricultural farms
  • Wholesale PVC pipe for Oyster Farms
  • Wholesale PVC pipe for Irrigations Farms
  • Wholesale PVC pipe for Wineries
  • Wholesale PVC pipe for Potato Farms
  • Wholesale PVC pipe for Sewer and Concrete Companies
  • Wholesale PVC pipe for Mining Companies
  • Wholesale PVC pipe for Shoring Companies
  • Wholesale PVC pipe for Pecan Farms
  • Wholesale PVC pipe for Pipe and Piling Companies
  • Wholesale PVC pipe for Irrigation Districts
  • Wholesale PVC pipe for Orchards
  • Wholesale PVC pipe for Vineyards and Grapes

"RJB provided me with the best price and service and lead time were second to none."

Bonham Farms, Roswell, New Mexico